About Devin Robledo

Devin was... 

-  a student, mentor, athlete, and scholar.
-  kind, inquisitive, analytical, and loving. 
-  a son, brother, and friend.

Devin was so much to so many.

When Devin took his own life in November 2017, it is no exaggeration to say that hundreds were devastated. 

Devin cared deeply for suffering people. His concern about suffering in the world reflected itself in his volunteering with kids, donating to charities, and reading philosophy about effective altruism. 

Don't get me wrong: Devin was human.

He had his flaws, blind spots, and quirks just like anybody else. Despite his flaws, though, it was amazing to see that a person so young could have such an active concern for others. 


While many people saw Devin as the caring, compassionate, and intelligent person that he was, most people did not see his hidden struggles with anxiety, depression, and mental illness. 

In the last year of his life, what was beneath the surface came to light:

Devin's hidden struggle transformed into a full-on battle for survival against his disease. 

During this time, Devin lived in extreme pain but continued, through multiple medications, treatments, doctors, and hospitals, to fight for his life.

Although Devin's death is tragic, those of us close to Devin now realize how important it is to battle mental illness with everything that we have. We cannot continue to lose precious lives and minds to this horrendous disease. 

Ultimately, here at Dear Devin we hope to learn from Devin's experiences and story in order to reach others who are struggling from similar issues. We hope to spread information about mental illness and improve the quality of care for those struggling under the weight of this disease.

This foundation is meant to be a letter to Devin, a letter letting him know that we heard him, that we are taking action, and that we will continue his legacy of caring.

We love you Devin & always will.