About The Dear Devin Foundation

Dear Devin exists for a simple purpose: to help people.

Founded in 2018, the foundation strives to share the story of Devin Robledo: an amazing, talented, and loving college-aged student who struggled with mental illness and took his own life in 2017.

From here, you can read more about Devin's story, explore our vision as a foundation, and hear from Devin's loved ones. 


Devin Robledo's Story

Learn more about the life and death of Devin Robledo. 

Our Vision

It is our vision to use Devin's story and experiences to help reduce other people's suffering. Based on a philosophy of love and grace, we hope to improve care for the mentally ill and help people get access to the treatments they need. 

Our Family

Get to know the faces behind The Dear Devin Foundation. Read about Devin's legacy from the perspective of family members and friends.